about us

Head Cornerstone Entertainment Kenya is a trendsetting entertainment company based in Nairobi, Kenya formed with the aim of organizing music festivals that will be the most anticipated events in the Kenyan and African entertainment circuit.

Our goal is to create memorable events with high energy, fun and most importantly class.  The events attract thousands of people allowing us to grow exponentially and become an international benchmark as a festival model.

Founded on the realization that there are untapped opportunities in the entertainment sector in the region, our events are set to create new efficient lines of communication that allow the convergence of different cultures and peoples beyond race, religion, borders or physical barriers and ideologies.

People of all ages have an opportunity to share, grow, learn and discover through gastronomy, music and cultural displays.  This raises awareness through Conscious music enabling the society to advance in a just and equitable way promoting ‘ Peace Love and Togetherness through the Power of Sound’.